Branch Bylaws




1. Identification

This Branch shall be known as the Alberta and Northwest Territories Command, Devon (Alberta) Branch No.  247 of the Royal Canadian Legion and shall hereinafter be referred to as the Branch.

2. Membership

Branch Membership shall be comprised of Ordinary, Life, Associate and Affiliate Voting and Affiliate Non-Voting members who qualify in accordance with the General By-laws of the Royal Canadian Legion.

3. Entitlement to Vote or Hold Office

  1. Only Ordinary, Life, Associate and Affiliate-Voting members shall be entitled to vote or hold office.
  2. No person shall be nominated for an office in the Branch unless he/she is present at the Nominating meeting or has signified in writing his/her willingness to accept such office.
  3. No person shall stand for any elected office or Executive position unless he/she is a Member in good standing of the Branch.
  4. No person shall stand for election to office unless he/she has attended a minimum of 2 (two) Branch General Meetings within the past 12 month period.

4. Initiation

Member initiation is now included on the “Application for Membership” form which now allows a new member to be formally initiated when they sign their Application Form.  The Branch will now have a ‘welcoming ceremony’ for new members at the May General Meeting. 

5. Complaints and Discipline

  1. The procedure for lodging complaints against members and the subsequent disciplinary action shall be strictly in accordance with Article III of the General By-laws of The Royal Canadian Legion.

6. Annual Dues

  1. Every member shall pay annual dues in the amount established at a General Meeting of the Branch.
  2. At the discretion of the Branch Executive Officers, special consideration, in regard to payment of dues, may be given to members whose circumstances warrant such consideration.  Any member whose dues are not paid by January 31 of any given year will be considered “not in good standing”.

7. Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall be made up of the: Branch Executive Officers, Service Officer, Standing Committee Chairpersons, and such other members as may be required to properly operate the Branch.
  2. The Branch Executive Officers shall comprise of the Immediate Past President, President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The elected positions of President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer and shall be elected by secret ballot, each year, during the November General Meeting. They shall assume their duties on the 1st day of January following.
  3. Additional members of the Executive Committee may be elected, or may be appointed by the incoming President, in consultation with the Branch Executive Officers.
  4. Should a vacancy occur in any Branch Executive Officer position, such vacancy, may be filled by holding a By-election at a General Meeting or at a special General Meeting called by the Executive Committee.

8. Meetings

  1. A General Meeting of the Branch shall be held on the 3rd Thursday of January, March, May, September, October and November.  The time and day of such meeting may be changed by the Executive Committee when it is in the best interest of the Branch and at least two (2) weeks Prior Notice has been given to the general membership of any changes in time and date.
  2. Order of business at General Meetings shall be as suggested in the Ritual, Awards and Protocol Manual.
  3. Executive Meetings shall be the 1st  Wednesday of the month or at the discretion of the President.

9. Standing Committees

  1. The Branch Executive Officers shall appoint a Chairperson for each Standing Committee at the first meeting following the election of the Branch Executive Officers.
  2. Each Standing Committee Chairperson shall select the members of his/her committee.
  3. Each Standing Committee Chairman shall present a report to the President at General Meetings who will turn it over to the Branch secretary for incorporation in the minutes.

10. Duties of Executive Committee

  1. Duties of the Branch Executive Officers shall be as set forth in the Ritual, Awards and Protocol Manual.
  2. Duties of the other members of the Executive Committee shall be assigned by the Branch Executive Officers.

11. Quorum

  1. At General Meetings TEN (10) of the voting members shall constitute a quorum for financial matters.
  2. At Executive Meetings THREE (3) Branch Executive Officers plus ONE (1) other Executive Committee member shall constitute a quorum.

12. Attendance at Executive Meetings

Any Branch Executive Officer or other member of the Executive Committee who, without just cause, is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings may cease to hold office and the vacancy of a Branch Executive Officer position shall be filled as set forth in Section 7(d) of the Branch By-laws or a vacancy for a non-elected position shall be filled by appointment, by the President, in consultation with the other Branch Executive Officers.

13. Nomination and Elections of Officers

  1. Prior to the September General Meeting a Nomination Committee consisting of the Immediate Past President and two (2) other Members, may be established to seek out Members who qualify for and are willing to stand for office.
  2. The Nominating Committee may present its proposed slate of candidates at the September General Meeting when nominations will be accepted from the floor. At this General Meeting there will be two (2) calls for nominations from the floor.
    1. Third (3rd) and final call for nominations from the floor will be accepted at the General Meeting in October. All Members nominated from the floor must be present to accept such nomination or a written notice declaring their willingness to stand for office must be presented at the time of nomination.
  3. No person shall stand for any elected office unless he/she has been a member, in good standing, of the Branch for at least one (1) year.
  4. No person shall stand for the Office of President of the Branch unless he/she has served, at least one (1) term, on the Executive Committee.
  5. No member who is a full time or regular part time paid employee of the Branch shall be eligible to hold any Executive position in the Branch.
  6. The Advance Poll for voting for all candidates for Office shall take place on the Saturday immediately prior to the November General Meeting. This poll will be open for two (2) consecutive hours, such hours to be established by the Branch Executive Officers. The final polling date shall be on the date of the November General Meeting.
  7. A Returning Officer and Deputy shall be appointed to be custodians of all ballots and shall count all votes and announce the results on completion of the final voting.
  8. Branch officers and members of the Executive Committee shall take office and assume their duties and functions on the first (1st) day of the month following that in which they are elected, and shall be installed within 31 days of their election.

14. Financial

  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all Branch monies and shall maintain accurate and business records of all financial transactions concerning the Branch, in accordance with the General By-laws of the Royal Canadian Legion, Article 1, sections 131, 132 and 133.
  2. Expenditures by Branch Executive and Executive Committee Members:
    1. If the expenditure is under $500.00 it does not require approval from Branch membership at a General Meeting.
    2. If the expenditure is more than $500.00 it will require approval from Branch membership at a General Meeting.
    3. If the expenditure is required for a purchase or repair to the building, that if not dealt with immediately, may cause further damage or expense to the Branch, will only require approval of the Executive Committee.
    4. If the expenditure is greater than $5,000.00, every attempt will be made to obtain three (3) quotes from suppliers for consideration and approval at a General Meeting.  If three (3) quotes could not be obtained membership will be provided with an explanation.
    5. A minimum of three (3) Branch Executive Officers must have signing authority. No two signing authorities may be related to each other nor live in the same domicile

15. Signing in of Non Members

  1. All rules and regulations as laid down by AGLC (Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission) shall be observed. 
  2. It is a requirement of the AGLC under 3.4.12 (released Feb 11, 2010) of the Liquor Licensee Handbook that procedures to admit and control the number of guests must be included in the By-Laws of establishments holding a Class C Licenses.
  3. Members may sign in up to 4 guests, and are responsible for their conduct and decor. Guests must leave the premises when the sponsoring member leaves.  
  4. Paid employees may not sign in guests while on duty.

16. Amendments to Branch By-laws

  1. These By-laws shall not be altered, amended varied or added to except by Motion at a General Meeting.
  2. Any such motion must:
  1. Be given in writing at the General Meeting prior to the one in which it will be given consideration
  2. Detail such alteration, amendment, variation, deletion, or addition
  3. Be signed by the member presenting the Notice of Motion and
  4. Receive a majority of Two Thirds (2/3) of the voting members present at the meeting at which it is given consideration.

17. Effective date of branch bylaws:

These By-laws shall not become effective until approved by Alberta-NWT Command.

Certified to be a true copy of the By-laws of Alberta-NWT Command, Devon Branch No. 247 of The Royal Canadian Legion, as approved by a General Meeting of the Branch on the 18th day of April, 2019.
Stanley Abma
Branch President

Leanne Anderson
Branch Secretary

Approved on behalf of the Alberta-NWT Command of The Royal Canadian Legion, this
 24th day of September, 2020.

John Mahon
Alberta-NWT Command

Scott Sadler
Constitution & Laws Committee

Command Seal