HALL RENTAL REQUEST FORM (complete the form below and hit OK):

District #8 Area "A"
#6 Huron Street, Devon, AB, T9G 1G3

Branch Hall Rental Coordinator: (780) 987-3356

Legion Phone: (780) 987-3356

E-mail: info@devonlegion.com

  1. The Damage Deposit must be given at the time of the booking for the function.  If there has been no damage according to the Hall Rental Chairperson(s) or their staff, the Damage Deposit cheque can be accepted and used toward the total Hall Rental cost.  (Potentially avoiding the authorization of another cheque) 
  2. The Legion shall not be responsible for personal injury or damage or for loss or theft of clothing or equipment, of the Renter or anyone attending on the invitation of the renter.
  3. The Renter shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the Legion building and grounds and shall see that the regulations contained in the permit are adhered to strictly. 
  4. All exits and aisles shall be kept free of obstruction in accordance with fire regulations. 
  5. The Renter shall be responsible for any “setup” (e.g. arranging tables and chairs) required. You must allow for this time when renting the hall (e.g. renting the day before).
  6. The Renter shall be responsible for washing and putting away any dishes they have used while renting the Kitchen. 
  7. The Renter shall be responsible for cleaning any kitchen appliances that they have used while renting the Kitchen.
  8. Bar service for dispensing of alcoholic beverages must be arranged through The Royal Canadian Legion Bar Manager (s) regardless of the function.  The Legion will supply ice required in the dispensing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 
  9. No homemade alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Legion premises as directed by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission “Zero Tolerance” ruling.
  10. The Renter is expected to ensure base cleaning is completed such as removing all table top and hall garbage, decorations and supplies. You must allow for this time when renting the hall. An extra charge for janitor services will be required if the renter does not meet the cleaning expectations of the Branch. The Renter will be charged a fee of $20.00 per hour to cover janitorial duties (chair & table washing, floor mopping and detailed bathroom cleaning, etc)
  11. The Royal Canadian Legion equipment or supplies may be used only by prior permission granted by The Royal Canadian Legion.
  12. All persons using the premises shall observe footwear regulations in effect in the Legion Hall.  Only clean, light soled footwear will be permitted to avoid abuse to the finished floors.
  13. Games of chance, lotteries or gambling in any form are strictly forbidden, unless a Gambling license has been obtained from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and approval is obtained from The Royal Canadian Legion.
  14. Notice of cancellation must be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance, except in a proven emergency or 50% of the Damage Deposit will be claimed.
  15. The Royal Canadian Legion reserves the right to cancel this Rental agreement at any time, for reasons of misuse.
  16. If you require the use of the wheel chair lift ensure you are familiar with the operation of the lift before your function.  The Hall Rental Chairpersons can brief you on its operation.
  17. A $5.00/person corkage fee will be charged for events that do not use the Legion supplied bar (excluding the Legion bar tender staff). The fee will cover the use of ice, plastic glasses and miscellaneous items consumed.
  18. The use of candles or other open flame devices is not permitted within the Legion Hall or on the Legion premises.
  19. The use of duct tape is not permitted within the Legion Hall. If tape is required, green painters tape will be permitted. Decorations may only be fixed with non damaging removable tape. The existing decorations, plaques and pictures in the building may not be removed.
  20. Any event that involves the use of a caterer, the caterer must provide proof and copy of insurance (attached to the Hall Rental Agreement). The minimum liability accepted is $2M, however $5M would be preferred.
  21. A Devon Legion Member must be in good standing for one year before a discounted hall rate will be allowed and the maximum rental discount days per year will be two per Devon Legion Member. 
In addition to the full kitchen facility, the Legion Hall has 12 round tables (5 ft in diameter) that can accommodate eight chairs per table (96 people total). Also the Legion Hall has 20 rectangular tables (6 ft in length) that can accommodate 3 or 4 chairs per side depending on lay out.

The Legion Hall dimensions are 39 ft x 44 ft, with a coat room measuring 10 ft x 17 ft.

The Hall Rental Chairperson(s) or Bar Manager(s) are not authorized to change the condition of this rental agreement except by approval of The Royal Canadian Legion Devon Branch No. 247 Executive.
By submitting this hall rental request form, you acknowledge you have read the above terms and conditions and agree to them.


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Minimum Rental Fee is $100.00.

Full Day Rate: $125.00 for Active Devon Legion Members in Good Standing.
Full Day Rate: $250.00 for Normal Renters.

Hourly Rate: $20.00/hour for Active Devon Legion Members in Good Standing.
Hourly Rate: $30.00/hour for Normal Renters.

Kitchen Rental Flat Rate: $80.00 (if applicable).
Table Cloths: $5.00 each (if applicable).
Wine Glass: $1.00 each (if applicable).

Bartender: Hours of Permit @ $15.00 per hour.

Hall Janitorial Services: $20.00 per Hour.
Kitchen Janitorial Services: $20.00 per Event (if applicable).

Corkage: $5 Per Person where applicable when Legion bar not used.

Damage Deposit: $250.00.