VE-Day 73rd Anniversary

1945 - 2018


The 73rd anniversary of VE-Day was recognized on May 8th 2018 at the Town of Devon Peace Cemetery. Thank you to everyone that participated and attended the ceremony. This marks the 28th year that the Devon Legion has used VE-Day to honour the 60+ veterans interned in the Peace Cemetery as "Decorations Day". The Devon Legion started recognizing "Decorations Day" back in 1990.


PARTICPANTS IN THE 73RD VE-DAY CEREMONY MAY 8TH 2018 (Devon Dispatch Emily Jansen Photo)

Pictured above left to right: Sgt at Arms Stanley Abma, Norm Searle, Piper Jack Cockburn, President Warren Wood, Tracy Marcellus, Roy Johnson, Bev Giles, Kelvin Godin, Gerald Skocdopole and MLA Mark Smith. Seated up front is the Devon Legion's WWII Veteran and Past President Comrade Bill Clemens. Bill Clemens is the only Devon Legion Member that has been a member in good standing with the Branch since the Devon Legion Branch was formed and chartered on May 7th 1949.