VE-Day 77th Anniversary

1945 - 2022


The 77th anniversary of VE-Day will be recognized on May 8th 2022. Normally the Devon Legion Branch No. 247 would hold its commemorative ceremony at the Town of Devon Peace Cemetery however because of the COVID-19 Pandemic there maybe no ceremony held at the Peace Cemetery this year however it will be reassessed as the date approaches. This year will mark the 32nd year that the Devon Legion has used VE-Day to honour the over 60 veterans interned in the Peace Cemetery & Field of Honour as "Decorations Day". The Devon Legion started recognizing "Decorations Day" back in 1990. Legion members and citizens are encourgaed to seek out virtual and on-line commemorative information regarding the 77th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe and the liberation of the Netherlands.


Austin, Rae
Austin, Velma
Bailey, Robert (Bob)
Baker, Edmund (Ted)
Bates, David B.
Benders, Hendricus
Brown, Robert
Burt, David R. (Bob)
Carlson, Norm
Chapin, John
Crarey, Charles
Cunningham, George
Deacon, Ted
Dodds, Grant
Dupuis, Rocque (Rocky)
Erb, Rene
Falk, Anthon - WW1 Veteran
Flett, Eric
Flett, George
Freeman, J. Harvey
Gates, Earl James
Gauthier, Lloyd
Green, Leonard (Len)
Green, Winston
Griggs, Orion
Hannah, Glen
Hawkins, Arthur (Nip)
Holeman, Robert
Husband, Stan
Kirby, James
Kitt, William Alexander
Laidlaw, Stuart
Lanphear, Clifford
Lindholm, Lennart
Madoche, Robert
Maland, John
MacIsaac, Gladys
MacKenzie, Ross
McCormick, John Anthony (Tony)
McDonald, John Vidales (Jack)
McDonald, Robert Victor (Bob)
McCracken, Wes
McFaul, Ralph
Miller, George
Molloy, Vince          
Morris, Howard
Platt, Charles
Porter, James B. (Jim) Sr.
Presunka, Dennis (RCMP Staff Sgt)
Proudfoot, Lorne
Rycroft, John
Schneider, John
Seller, Don
Shearer, Harold
Sinclair, Doris
Stepanko, John
Tucker, William (Bill)
Vollman, Dean
Weir, Durward (Dode)
Weir, Robert
Wolfe, Clarence (Ted)

“Blue Font” – Veterans interned in the Field of Honour