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The Year of the Veteran 2005 - Devon's Community Veterans!
Devon Legion Branch Historian

Back in 2005 during the "Year of the Veteran" the following group photograph of Veterans and widows of Veterans was taken at the Devon Community Centre on Remembrance Day November 11th 2005. Before memory fails us I thought it important that we make an effort to document the names of the veterans and widows of veterans pictured. If you know of any errors or if you know the names of the unknown please send the correct information to the Legion at

FRONT ROW SEATED (Left to Right)

  • Mrs Ginny Hawkins
  • Mr. Doug Cooper
  • Mr. Bert Gray
  • Mrs Velma Austin
  • Mrs Mrytle Southgate
  • Mrs Dorothy Cunningham
  • Mr Norm Carlson
  • Mr Bob Bailey
  • Mrs Beryl Hartshorne
  • Mrs Cora McLeod
  • Mrs Marg Sellers
  • Mr John Stepanko

MIDDLE ROW (Left to Right)

  • Mr Bill Kitt
  • Mrs Marg Sherriff
  • TBD
  • Mrs Dorothy Wilkinson
  • TBD
  • Mrs Iris Holman
  • TBD
  • Mr. Lawrence Brewer
  • Member of Pariliment
  • Mrs Pat Watt
  • Miss Colleen Atkinson
  • Mr Jacque Poirier
  • USMC Sgt Waverly (Wave) Rayner
  • Mrs Joyce Johnson
  • Mr Ted Zarowny
  • Mrs Gladys MacIsaac
  • Mrs Claudie Williams
  • Mrs Bertha Falk
  • Mr Alex Frame

BACK ROW (Left to Right)

  • Mrs Ella Molloy
  • Mrs Louise Morris
  • Mrs Ida Virtue
  • Mr Randy Bennett
  • Mr Grant Gelhert
  • Mr Wally Brazeau
  • 1CER Unknown
  • 1CER Unknown
  • 1CER Unknown
  • 1CER Unknown
  • Mr Glen Falardeau
  • RCMP Cst Matt Petrie
  • RCMP Cst Craig Kewley
  • Mr Clare Evans
  • RCMP Sgt Bob Wright
  • 1CER Unknown
  • 1CER Unknown
  • 1CER Unknown
  • Mr Tony McCormick
  • Mr. Bill Clemens