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Devon Legion Branch Historian

On July 13th, 2021 Comrade Brian Morris welcomed to the Royal Canadian Legion Devon Branch No. 247 Comrade Glen Falardeau and guests to the unveiling of a legacy project consisting of military memorabilia donated by retired Canadian Forces Airborne Veteran Glen Falardeau to the Devon Legion. Also present this afternoon from the Devon Legion were Devon Branch President Stanley Abma, 1st Vice President Gerald Skocdopole and Emily Jansen from the Devon Dispatch. To start this historic event Comrade Brian Morris, the Honours & Awards Chair, acknowledged that Glen was a resident and citizen of the Town of Devon and is a 29-year ordinary member of the Devon Branch No. 247 of The Royal Canadian Legion.

Comrade Brian Morris explained the background that has brought us to this day, and as Glen attested this goes back a long time. On February 17th, 2003 Glen retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after serving since September of 1979. Just a week after his retirement the Devon Legion received a letter from Glen offering up his military uniform as a display piece for the Branch. Brian Morris knew the letter was forth coming because Glen and Brian had previously discussed Glen’s idea over a couple of cold beers just a few days before hand. Brian Morris noted that it was a great idea knowing it would be a first for the Devon Legion Branch.

Back in 2003 Comrade Brian Morris was the 1st Vice President, and it was his assignment to bring forward Glen’s idea to the General Membership to seek approval to proceed with such a project. At the March 2003 General Meeting the idea and concept was widely accepted by the General Membership in attendance and this was conveyed back to Glen Falardeau in a formal letter in April 2003. Now from that point on things are bit a fuzzy as to what happened and unfortunately people’s memories have faded. Comrade Glen Falardeau noted the project went dormant for a little while. Comrade Brian Morris himself had stepped down as an Executive Officer through 2004 and 2005 to pursue some other activities.

When Comrade Brian Morris rejoined the Executive as an officer in 2006, he had noticed that no further actions had been completed regarding the completion of the planned display of Glen’s military uniform and memorabilia but before he could get reorganized and make the project a top priority again things changed for Glen in a serious way after a Motor Vehicle Accident in 2007. Comrade Glen Falardeau noted the accident changed everything including the focus, the content, and the reasons behind the project.  Things changed for the Devon Legion Branch as well and the collective priority was to ensure the Devon Legion provided any support Glen required and requested, something the Devon Legion was able to formally complete on a couple of occasions.

The completion of this project was always in the back of the mind of Comrade Morris, and he know it was always with Glen and the two would talk about it once and while in casual conversation. Last year in 2020 several things had evolved and that fire to get back to work on this fantastic once in a lifetime project was burning brightly. Brian approached the Executive in the summer and got consent to prepare a new formal proposal and plan to bring this project to a proper conclusion. The proposal presented to the General Membership in September 2020 was accepted and approved and there was no going back this time.

Now the fun was really beginning to ramp up. Brian meet with Glen just prior to Remembrance Day 2020 with packing material and empty boxes in hand. Brian sat down with Glen and under his direction he began opening ever little drawer and cabinet in search of the memorabilia items Glen wanted to donate for display. You had to be there to really appreciate the process as Glen told Brian his life story and description of each item no matter how big or small. Comrade Brian Morris quoted “my brain was like a big sponge as I was working hard to remember everything that was being told to me, like the master teaching the apprentice”. After several hours, the packing was done, and Brian was on his way home with a half a dozen boxes packed in the back his truck. Brian’s only comments to his wife Comrade Janice Morris when he got home was “WOW, did Glen ever donate a lot interesting stuff”.

Comrade Morris spent the better part of the 2020 - 2021 winter unpacking all the donated items so they could be photographed and recorded into a proper written inventory. To Brian’s surprise a final total of 149 items had been photographed and recorded. Now you have an appreciation for the size of Glen’s donation to the Devon Legion. Brian mentioned that when he unpacked all the items, he confirmed that he did not break any of the beer glasses, as when Brian had left Glen’s house back in the fall it sure sounded like one of the beer glasses had broke! Comrade Morris knew Glen was relieved when told all was good. In the process of re-packing all the items Comrade Brian Morris had to make the difficult choice of what would be considered for the historic display case and what would have to be left out for other considerations. Brian identified 71 items to pass over to the Devon Legion’s hired professional craftsman who was going to build the museum quality display. Brian knew there was still too many items to display in one case, but his own biases were making it hard for me to work it down.

Brian Morris contacted the craftsman and advised him the memorabilia items for display are ready for pick up and there was a large selection of items for the craftsman to pick through in building the display. Brian was asked if he would help sort through the items for display, but he declined advising that it would interfere with the creative process. That was not a concern for the craftsman as he brought in a military advisor to help determine the relevance of importance on the items that would make the final display.

With everything completed the historic display was unveiled in "honour" of veteran Glen Falardeau and “dedicated to all those who have served” on July 13th, 2021 in front of 25 invited guests of Comrade Glen Falardeau. With Comrade Brian Morris acting as the ceremony emcee, the Branch President Comrade Stanley Abma and the Branch 1st Vice President Gerald Skocdopole came forward to unveil this historical one of a kind museum quality display in the presence of veteran Glen Falardeau and his invited guests. President Stanley Abma provided the final comments before the unveiling proceedings were closed.


                      The East Hall Wall Prior to the Installation of the Grand Display (Brian Morris Photo)

                        The East Hall Wall Prior to the Installation of the Grand Display (Brian Morris Photo)

                     The East Hall Wall Prior to the Installation of the Grand Display (Brian Morris Photo)

                  The East Hall Wall Prior to the Installation of the Grand Display (Brian Morris Photo)

               Unpacking the Grand Display prior to Installing it on the East Wall (Brian Morris Photo)

                    The Grand Display Installed on the East Hall Wall (Brian Morris Photo)

                        The Grand Display Installed on the East Hall Wall (Supplied Photo)


                The Grand Display Unveilling on the East Hall Wall (Emily Jansen Devon Dispatch Photo)

                The Grand Display Unveilling on the East Hall Wall (Emily Jansen Devon Dispatch Photo)

                    The Grand Display Unveilling on the East Hall Wall (Emily Jansen Devon Dispatch Photo)

                           The Grand Display Unveilled on the East Hall Wall (Brian Morris Photo)